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Science Magic Show

Prepare to be entertained!

This interactive jaw dropping one of a kind show is for a general audience.

ESC gave this show for the City of Langley, Fort Langley Childcare Society, Willows Church, Township of Langley, and Brae Island Camping
as well as birthday parties, and classrooms
ESC comes to your location

ESC can cater for small events such as birthday parties or larger events such as schools or festivals. Please contact ESC to discuss options and pricing

Feedback on ESC's Science Magic Show:

"We had such a great time at the Explore Science Magic Show!!  My kids were amazed and inspired. What a fun way to get kids and parents engaged in science and spark curiosity! " Katie W (Township of Langley Family Day Show)

"I just wanted to say thank you again for doing the party. My daughter and her friends really enjoyed the show. " Liz H


Group Activities

ESC also offers other innovative STEAM group sessions. ESC comes to your location. Suitable for kids, families, and adults!
ESC can cater to small or large groups. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Brydon Lagoon Bird Tours

Participants get a guided tour of Brydon Lagoon bird species

Popular among student groups and families

Book a private tour for upto 15 people or a supervised playdate activity for 7 kids (teacher to student ratio 1:7)

“This is way cooler than I thought. I thought birds were boring but this is really cool!”
Kalia M

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Nature Storytelling Series

Book a unique storytelling experience to explore the past, present and  future of the  Fraser River (30 mins) or the life cycle of salmon and its importance as a keystone species (15 mins)

ESC comes to your location

ESC presented this series at LEPS Rivers Day Festival, Surrey Party for the Planet
in addition to student groups, and classrooms

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Build Solar Mason Jar

In this guided workshop (30mins) participants learn to build their very own solar powered mason jar!

Make and take at your location or book a "supervised playdate activity" for 7 children at ESC Facility. Ages 7+, 45 mins for children workshop, teacher-student ratio 1:7.

This workshop was featured in KPU's The Runner as a highlight for Surrey's Party for the Planet festival! Watch the interview here.