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Langley City Recreation Programs

Age 4+

ESC is offering the following courses through Langley City Recreation this Spring/Summer

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Spring/Summer Guide

Registration now open!

Kids Science Workshops #34547, 37879
Sun 1:00-1:45 May 5 and June 2, ages 6-12

Timms Community Centre

Nature Science Explorer #37700

Wed 3:30-4:30 in June, ages 4-7

Buckley Park

Your child may also like Adventure Club 

or Nature Explorers

Fun guided learning is coupled with free play to allow children to discover themselves

and curious facts about the natural world in which they live. .

Good for general nature enthusiasts

Science Explorers CAMP #37711

Buckley Park, Jul 29-Aug 2, age 5-9

Your child may also like Adventure Club   &  Science Adventures CAMP

Science Detectives CAMP #37712

Buckley Park, Jul 29-Aug 2, age 7-12

 Your child may also like Adventure Club  &  Science Adventures CAMP

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