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About Us

Explore Science Club offers nature inspired science enrichment programs for children aged 3+.


We offer annual & monthly programs as well as Spring and Summer break care.


ESC is a licensed family daycare located in Langley City (at border with Cloverdale). This allows us to keep prices affordable for you and ensures your peace of mind knowing that our facility is checked by Fraser Health.


Also, walking distance to Buckley/Hi-Knoll Park, Penzer Park and Brydon Lagoon.  Our unique location allows us to offer unique STEAM and STEM programs not possible anywhere else.


ESC also offers programs through Langley City's Recreation Guide.

Our fun, hands on, and varied programs boost confidence in the sciences while sharpening critical thinking and sparking creativity. ESC's themes support school curriculum, strengthening knowledge and understanding.


Our science and nature programs are great for curious children who like to explore and create.

ESC is Better Business Bureau certified since 2019. This gives you transparency and peace of mind. It also means that ESC strives for excellence in programming, and safety.

ESC was founded by Nehal Saleh, a busy mother of 2 energetic children.

She is a science educator with a passion for making science learning easy and simple for kids and families.

She has a PhD focusing on how sensory input effects learning outcomes. Nehal published 6 papers in peer reviewed journals, 4 first authored. 

Her work was a combination of biological assays, chemical identification and software programming. 

Nehal has also worked as Business Development Manager in a publicly listed antibody company. 

Nehal speaks 3 languages (English, Arabic, and French) and lived in multiple countries such as UK, Sweden, and Egypt. As a proud Canadian, she has also lived in multiple Canadian provinces. 

Nehal has a modern multidisciplinary approach to science education. She enjoys finding new ways to make science fun and relevant. Creative activities are used to teach curriculum relevant facts combined with science job skills. 

Her fun STEAM learning adventures are designed to boost confidence in the sciences, sharpen critical thinking skills, and spark creativity! Helping each child achieve their individual excellence in a wide range of science subjects.

Her programs and activities have been featured in local municipal recreation, festivals, and children organizations. 

In her free time Nehal enjoys hanging out with her family, observing nature, and walking.


If you have any questions, or need more information, do not hesitate to hit the Contact button below! 



 Outdoor learning mainly takes place in Buckley, Hi-Knoll, Penzer, and Brydon Lagoon parks.

Indoor learning takes place in our facility.


 The Schoolhouse has its own separate entrance in our home.  It is heated with access to its own bathroom and plenty of natural light.  We do lots of activities in the kitchen as well. Longer programs (4+hrs) such as camps have access to our recreation room. The home has Air Conditioning. Our premises are professionally cleaned.


Children get access to Langley Science Garden, a home size garden with a diverse array of plants.

We have now documented over 200 plants species from edibles such as peach, apple and hazelnut trees to decorative garden plants. Get updates on our garden by joining our FB group

Nehal has her First Aid and Responsible Adult Certificates.

Our Facility  is monitored for operating standards and licensed by Fraser Health 


Langley Science Garden

This home size garden boasts over 200 plant species and a naturalized pond. Its vegetation is a mix of native, edible and decorative imports. This diverse range of plants species attracts a motley crew of local animals such as birds and pollinators. Our family is about to discover what and who inhabits our new back yard. To find out more join of FB group.

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197A Street, Langley City

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